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About us

M.P.E. GmbH offers a wide range of international consulting and engineering services in the electricity energy sector. We specialise in the grid integration of renewable energies and cover the entire spectrum from the electrical planning and grid-connection of small wind- or PV-generators, the integration of large onshore and offshore wind farms up to the system studies of entire power systems. Our offices are located in the U.K. (London) and in Germany (Tübingen and Kiel).

Business concept

Electrical networks are increasingly becoming bottlenecks in the transition to clean energies. We strive to contribute to ensuring that, in future, electricity can be produced, transported and distributed in a clean, sustainable manner and at reasonable costs. We have high degree of know-how and expertise in all areas of electrical power systems, with a strong international orientation. Our engineers have worked on energy supply networks in all parts of the world. We want to share knowledge about renewable energies in Germany with decision-makers in other countries. At the same time, we can apply our international experience to address the problems and challenges at home. We see ourselves as innovative consultants who develop feasible and cost-effective solutions. We cope with the most complex challenges of power systems, such as grid stability, modelling and simulation. Our extensive experience with international network operators enables us to develop practical solutions.

Customer proximity

Cooperation with our customers is very important to us. It is critical to ensure that we understand and implement our tasks correctly. We see ourselves as partners of our clients and support them with our expertise in achieving their goals. In order to have a close proximity to our customers and power plants, we have offices at three locations: Tübingen, Kiel and London.


We are always looking for qualified employees with university degrees in electrical engineering or renewable energies. Working for M.P.E. means contributing to the worldwide promotion of a sustainable electrical energy, at the highest standard, and in challenging projects. We have an open working atmosphere, allowing room for professional and personal development. Through our different office locations we offer our employees a choice of alternative attractive environments.

Further information can be found under Careers.

To complement our professional experts, we cooperate with research institutions and other consulting firms in the field of renewable energies. This enables us to offer the best expertise, from all areas of renewable energy integration and for the execution of complex tasks.


We cooperate with universities and are involved in research and teaching, e.g. within the framework of the Master’s study programmes “Electrical Engineering”, “Sustainable Energy Supply” and “Energy Technology” at the University of Stuttgart.


We participate in technical and professional committees and are members of VDE, FNN and FGW.