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We provide a wide range of services relating to the grid integration of generation from renewable energy sources. These include planning services to power plant developers (e.g. electrical design of wind farms, PV farms and transformer substations) as well as consulting services to grid operators, transmission planners and other decision-makers (e.g. network planning and analysis).

Electrical planning

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M.P.E. can provide preliminary & detailed design services for onshore and offshore wind, PV and battery storage. This includes substation layout, cable routing & sizing (including thermal analysis), harmonic filter design, tender & owner’s engineer support.

We have extensive experience in the electrical planning of extra-high voltage offshore substations (OSS) of large offshore wind farms. Together with partners, we offer design services of complete offshore substations, including electrical and structural design. We place exceptionally high value on accuracy, cost-effectiveness and conformity with the connection codes of grid operators and relevant standards and guidelines (e.g. VDE/IEC/IEEE).

Our services in the field of electrical planning of wind and PV farms include:

  • Concept design
  • Verification of technical suitability and cost-effectiveness of network connection points assigned by grid operators
  • Basic design
  • Detailed design
  • Preparation of specifications for substations and cables
  • Tender evaluation
  • Construction supervision
  • Support during commissioning
  • Formal acceptance for hand-over
  • Investigation of malfunctions during operation


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M.P.E.’s consulting team has extensive experience in the planning and operation of public and private/industrial power systems. This experience covers all voltage levels (extra-high voltage, high voltage, medium and low voltage grids).

Our consulting references include planning studies for interconnected transmission systems, distribution networks and highly specialized studies such as power system stability, electromagnetic transients or harmonic impact assessment.

A special focus of our consulting activities is the grid integration of renewable energies, particularly the analysis of the effects of renewable energies on the power system.

In addition to our experience with classical equipment, we also have extensive know-how in the use of power electronic components in transmission and distribution grids, including HVDC, thyristor-controlled series compensation, STATCOM etc.

Our consulting services include:

  • Grid studies, especially relating to the integration of renewable energies
  • Planning studies for medium-voltage networks
  • Incident investigations
  • Modelling of components and networks
  • Load flow and short-circuit calculations
  • Stability studies
  • Transient studies (inrush currents, insulation coordination)
  • Sub-synchronous resonance studies (SSR)
  • Harmonic analysis, filter design
  • Grid connection of offshore wind farms
  • High voltage DC transmission (including HVDC-VSC)
  • Economic dispatch, market simulation  and flexibility studies
  • Workshops and seminars on the above topics

Real time digital simulation

Real time digital simulation

M.P.E. is the country representative for RTDS Technologies in UK, Ireland and Germany. The unique RTDS® Simulator hardware and software allows real time simulation of power systems using a full 3-phase EMT representation with time-steps in the range of 2 – 50 microseconds. The power of the custom-built simulator, together with its I/O capabilities, allows rapid prototyping and testing of real hardware (e.g. control systems or protection) ‘in the loop’. This allows performance and stability assessments of the power system environment under normal or abnormal operation (e.g. system faults), which can be impossible to test in reality.

Our services as a representative include:

  • Client presentations and workshops
  • Help with preparation of specifications and tenders
  • Consulting in the area of real-time simulation
  • Training and support
  • RTDS-RSCAD model building & development
  • ‘Hardware in the loop’ testing of protection or control systems

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